Website: https://napcopipe.com

NAPCO is a PVC Pipe & Fittings manufacturer in North America. Their product selection required a well thought out hierarchy and categorization gameplan.

NAPCO Homepage

# Technology Stack

# Pattern Library

Fractal was our pattern library of choice for NAPCO. It had the most amount of features were were looking for to rapidly prototype components, layouts & pages.

Napco Pattern Library

# Drupal

We decided to use Drupal to leverage it's powerful relational models & configuration management.

Drupal was installed through Composer to allow for easy upgrading of Core and Modules. Many plugins were used including Paragrahs to create the correct data relationships.

# Views

Views were created to allow for powerful filtering of content on the front end.

# Contact a Representative View

Napco Contact a Rep View

# Product View

Napco Product View

# View Modes

View Modes were used to display the same content in different contexts, such as Full, Teaser, and Featured.

# News Content Type

# Continuous Integration

Bitbucket Pipelines was used to allow for faster prototyping of features & components of the site.

Our staging branch was automatically pushed to our stage environment on a push to Bitbucket. For the master branch, a manual trigger was implemented upon pushing a tag to Bitbucket.